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Recently, Artvark started an exciting partnership with BEAM designers. They’ve transformed the well-known beamer into a multi-purpose design product, making it a stylish addition to every living room or bedroom.

It has the looks of an ordinary lamp, and it fits in every ordinary light socket, so it’s easy to use anywhere within your home.

All this makes it possible to enjoy video art at home but also at the office or workplace, without the necessity of having to install cables and ugly equipment.

This product was exactly what we were looking for: an aesthetic and simple way to show the beautiful videos made by multiple artists, not only in a gallery or museum but also at home.

During the exhibition ‘Stripped’ in gallery Kruis-Weg68 and in the recent third release of new edition-works, we showed Marcella Kuiper’s art movies for five weeks. The visitors were as excited as we were, and the first buyers are already enjoying using BEAM at home.

Right now, we’re been working on a Video-Art-Library which will be compatible with BEAM. The project is nearing it’s final stages (some artists are working on new movies, specifically made for BEAM, and the EYE film museum is one of our partners). Soon it will be possible to rent (or buy) art-videos through our library, at a very reasonable price.

Unique selling points of BEAM:

  • there will be a special “BEAM your Art” app installed on each BEAM which  makes playing your art videos simply ‘plug and play’.
  • No annoying fan or buzzing sounds (because the BEAM doesn’t need to cool itself down)
  • The LED lamp will last for at least 20.000 hours
  • Fits in every screw-in light socket and is very lightweight
  • You can use the included power cable and place it on any flat surface or use it in the specially designed BEAM Fixture.
  • The BEAM can also be used as an ordinary lamp (with dimmer)
  • Wireless control (via smartphone, ipad etc.)
  • Modern and sleek design
  • BEAM has a perfect support desk for all your questionsUse BEAM for:

– projecting video art
– browsing the internet
– watching Netflix
– watching a movie
– playing games
– streaming your personal photo library
– displaying personal messages and texts
– presentations
– lamp with dimmer

The designers of the BEAM had a very successful launch on Kickstarter which made the development of BEAM possible. In 2016, it was awarded a Red Dot Design Award.

They have recently started selling the BEAM all over the world.

Receiving masses of positive reviews, they’ve already sold a couple of thousand to retailers, companies and to individuals for private use.

Together with the art-movies from the Art-Video-Library, the BEAM will become an intriguing item in your interior.

It can make a goldfish swim on your dining table or turn your ceiling into a sea of flowers. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

Artvark is an official BEAM dealer.

All warrantees and services (including the help desk for all your questions) are fully supported by us.

If you buy the BEAM at you’ll get the art-app and an art-video for free!

BEAM: € 299,-
Fixture: € 179,-
Package deal: € 399,-

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